classes & workshops


beginner to advanced


Ballet techniques are the foundation of all other dance genres and strengthens all the main muscles.

We teach the IDTA Ballet syllabus from the age of 5+ (Up to adults) as we feel this age, the children can learn, develop and enjoy the beautiful, graceful foundation movements which ballet has to offer


We offer Tap to children and adults alike from the age of 5+ Years. We enter our children and adults in the IDTA Tap syllabus. Tap is all about rhythm and there are some brilliant shows (e.g. 42nd Street) demonstrate just how amazing Tap is and how accomplished a Tap student can become


Freestyle is A Free Style of dance which is taken from the 70s Disco dancing Saturday Night Fever days

Music can be upbeat or slow and graceful and our pupils use their own freedom of expression to enhance their own style and dance mood. We offer IDTA Examinations in Freestyle and we teach from 6 year old up to Adults


This class is structured for little ones, and we offer movement to Music incorporating simple ballet steps

We include mime, and use a variety of props to enhance the child’s imagination


This class is structured for little ones, and we teach very simple tap steps

We include counting games, and use musical instrument for their enjoyment and rhythm


Stretching & Flexibility is for dancers who want to get strong, limber and supple. It focuses on increasing flexibility and strength. This is an open level class, anyone can participate (From 8 years old) and everyone will benefit from the class


Street dance, also referred to as street, is an umbrella term which emcompasses a range of dance styles characterised by descriptions such as hip-hop, funk and breakdancing


Our performance group is available to any pupil aged 5 years and over who want to perform in the Westend, Blackpool Tower Ballroom and Disneyland Paris.

This weekly class is very popular, but the pupils must be committed to raise money for their group, so they can reduce costs for their parents


Formed as The Wight Variety Company in 2010, by the late husband of Linda and father of Charlotte, Mr Ken Smith

They meet once a week, enjoy singing many genres of songs and visit many places all over the island

Since 2010 they have raised thousands of pounds for charity and the Childrens’ Performance Group which help the students to perform at iconic venues such as The London Palladium and Disneyland® Paris at a reduced cost