Miss Linda and Miss Charlotte you have bought so much to so many children and adults, you support us all and bring the best out of us, you have given us so many amazing memories of performing in our local theatre, in London theatres, Disneyland Paris and now Blackpool next week, all your students love you and are very lucky to have you as our Dance teachers but more important our family, thank you to The Island Dance and Theatre Company for everything. We all love you all X

Mandy-Carol Langleywasbrowne

Well what can i say about you two amazing teachers… when Betsy first came she lacked confidence but now she shines in all that she does! You both have made her very welcome as well as making the parents feel welcome too your beautiful dance family… you guys go above and beyond even when you should be resting or having a day off. You both always put the dance school comes first you can see this at all the shows that you do and the effort that goes in <3 me and Betsy-Flo cant thank you enough much love to you both xxx

Louise Youngson

My three girls started dancing at an early age my youngest started at 4 she has selective mutism and she wouldnt talk but with Linda and Charlottes help within the dance school she has come on leaps and bounds she now talks and they have given her so much confidence, my middle daughter has ADHD and she loves going to dancing every week she has made friends and it has given her confidence in herself, my eldest now 16 had a dream… her dream was to attend a dance college in London this dream has been with her since the age of 4 years old with the help of the dance school she has now achieved her dream and got accepted to London college of performing arts she also lacked confidence, the dance school has helped her every step of the way to achieve her dream she would probably not of done, all 3 of my girls are young carers for me and have a lot of extra responsibilities that a normal child would not have, the island dance has been there thick and thin for the girls, been there when they were stressed, been there when they needed someone to talk to, i thank you both Linda and Charlotte for being not only big role models in the girls lives but also a friend when they so needed it, you have given these 3 girls so much confidence in themselves, also an identity of who they are and i now all 3 love you both, so i thank you from the bottom of my heart because without you my girls wouldnt have had the experiences, or confidence they have now,

Sarah Harrison

This amazing dance school has given both my girls some amazing experiences. They have given them both so much over the last few years. We all feel very lucky to have found such wonderful people, they are not only dance teachers, they are our dear friends too. They not only teach the children to dance, they teach them compassion for others too. So thank you to The Island Dance and Theatre Company for everything. We all love you very much.

Tracey Eve

Since Gabrielle has started with you, i have seen this shy girl turn more confident. She suffers from extreme anxiety with panic attacks where it takes her days to recover. Since being with you she is able to feel confident in talking to you, and do private lessons. This is such a big achievement for Gabrielle, We feel you are an amazing company that really shows the children everything they need to know, gaining confidence, believing in themselves also has a loving atmosphere. But this is only down to Linda, Charlotte and Stephanie xxx

Selina Atkins

Our 7-year-old son has grown tremendously in both ability and confidence since starting at IDTC two years ago. He has passed exams in ballet, tap, freestyle and gymnastics, and performed in two annual shows on the Island and on a London West End stage. He works hard but enjoys the dancing very much too, as the teachers not only make it fun but make him, and every child, feel valued and special.

Michelle Koppany

Evie has come on so much since starting at your dance school!! She has improved her confidence and physically she has developed so much, she could not skip at all when she started and now she can do such a lot more. Dance with a difference really improved her attention and participation in the class, we love the opportunities given to us by yourselves and your commitment to every student. xx

Joanne Thornton

My 4-year old daughter joined the school in September. Since then he gained enormous confidence and absolutely loves going to ballet and tap classes. This is due, to a great extent, to the professionalism, the patience and the dedication of Miss Linda and Miss Charlotte. Anna cannot stop dancing and dressing up at home constantly. She relives the experience of dance classes and the wonderful show she took part in, over and over again, through role plays when she is Miss Linda and I am the student.
Following my 4-year old daughter’s example, I decided to join ballet classes at the age of 35. I love every minute of if. Dance is not just enjoyable, it is also a great way of stress release for me after a long day at work. I always go home with a smile on my face. Getting an award for ballet at the show gave me even more confidence and a boost to dance more and more…

I’m so proud of my daughter Amber, and love you all at dance, you have helped a once shy little girl become a happy outgoing singing dancing beautiful princess and at the age of 3 I’m so happy we joined your group.. I just hope you can help this not so confident and very shy mummy dance her bum off on Tuesdays… :)) me and amber love dance and will continue to come as long as you and miss Charlotte are there xxxx

My 6 year old daughter was born with selective mutism (very shy) she wouldn’t speak to any adults I put her into the island dance for dance lessons when she was 4 to get her to try new things after about a year she started to do more lessons she now does musical theatre at the age of 6 and has now started to talk more she loves the lessons she does and because miss Linda and miss Charlotte have been so fantastic with her and supported her she is doing brilliant. She has to sisters who have struggled with dyslexia after taking musical theatre lessons this has helped them not only with their confidence but also with their school work I have had the school teacher saying musical theatre has helped with their literacy work and my 11 year old daughter has now gained an award in writing which has been published in the monster poetry book I want to say thank you to miss Linda and miss Charlotte for being such fantastic teachers and helping my three girls with their confidence in everything