IDTA ballet

Ballet techniques are the foundation of all other dance genres and strengthens all the main muscles.
We teach the I.D.T.A. Ballet syllabus from the age of 2½ years as we feel this age children can learn, develop and enjoy the beautiful, graceful foundation movements which Ballet has to offer.

Miss Linda has been a member of the IDTA for 41 years and is very proud to be a lifetime member of the association.

We are able to offer our students the highest standard of training in ballet technique, and Miss Linda and Miss Charlotte offer group classes, Private classes (1 teacher to 1pupil ) or Intense training classes (2 teachers to 1 pupil)

Our pupils are entered first  into IDTA Rosettes… then move on to IDTA Grades this is not compulsory though.

introduction to dance

This is where our little pupils get the ‘chance’ to dance! Teaching them the simple dance steps such a bending, skipping, jumping, and floating,

We use a number of different ‘props’ to enhance the child’s imagination, and we introduce mime and imaginary play, which all the children love.

We encourage hand and eye coordination, with lots of excitement for each child… and they get a lovely reward sticker which they love!


class or workshop